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Space-Smart Stairs Lebanon MO

If you have room inthe attic or basement and you want to access it, then you might have toconsider building some space-smart stairs. Read on to know how to make good use of space-smart stairs to perfect home remodeling.

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Space-Smart Stairs

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Cramped for space? Install a space-smart stairway to access new areas of your home. Photo Credit: emdot

IBM says they’re building a smarter planet; some of us would settle for smarter stairs. If you have room in the attic or basement and you want to access it, then you might have to consider building some space-smart stairs .

The attic could be used for a number of things. In this case, let’s think of it as additional storage space. To get to the attic, you’ll need to build a trap door and install attic stairs. The hallway is a common location to make the new entrance.  

Some things to consider before you install the door and stairs:

  • Make sure the new door is not in the path of wires or cables.
  • As you cut the new opening, allow additional room for the stair case to flip outward. The standard accommodation is about 14 inches.
  • Make sure the stairs can be attached securely to ceiling joist, not the roof trusses.
  • The project should take a little over two hours to complete. It is a DIY yourself project but if you run into trouble, a general contractor or builder could tackle this project.

Single-level homes built in the 1950s and 60’s usually only had an outside entrance to the basement. If that’s still the case, cut an opening in the floor and add a spiral staircase.

With a new entrance to the downstairs, several other projects may spring to mind. A spiral staircase can really open up your options to the downstairs once you obtain a centralized loca...

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