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Resume services write or edit your resume. Of course, you’d probably argue: “I can do that myself! Why do I need someone to do it for me?” However, resume writing services do more than just write your resume.

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Resume Service

Looking for a job is stressful and daunting. Some companies are hiring less and less—some of them are even laying off employees. This is not the situation you want as a job hunter. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s impossible to look for a job now. It’s probably more difficult and competitive, what with the number of unemployed today, but it’s not impossible.

Because of the competition, many job hunters acquire all the help they can get. And one of the professional services they can acquire that can help them with their job hunting is the professional resume service. With the tight competition for job hunting, you may be too eager to actually get a professional resume service. However, before you do so, it is probably necessary for you to understand what the service actually entails. Indeed, what is a resume service, what does it do, and how can it help you?

What is a resume service?

Resume services write or edit your resume. Of course, you’d probably argue: “I can do that myself! Why do I need someone to do it for me?” However, resume writing services do more than just write your resume. What do they do is create a resume that will make you seem more valuable. Resume writing services can highlight your assets and qualifications and let the employers see what they want to see—and not see what they wouldn’t want to see.

Consider that employers do not even look at the resume of the job applicants for that long. When looking for a job, consider this: your potential employer will only look at your resume for a minute or two—three, at most, if the employer sees something he or she likes. An employer will not thorough think about you and your qualifications. In short, your resume has to stand out. But with all the other applicants out there, this is very hard to do.

This is what the resume service can do—make your resume stand out. More than a resume editing service, resume writing services smoothen your resume so it wouldn’t look to unattractive. For instance, you’ve been out of work for over a year. Employment gaps make your resume less attractive, and you, in turn, an insufficient worker. Resume writing services can fill in these gaps, so to speak, to make it less obvious that you had a significant number of unemployment time.

Professional resume editing can also make your resume significant and attractive if you’re changing from one industry to another. Say you were a sales executive for a multinational car manufacturer—and you’re planning to go into journalism. This change is a big jump, and you probably don’t have any recent journalism experience. What can make your resume relevant to the journalism industry? A professional resume writer can help your resume seem more relevant. What skills do you have that can be used in journalism? What is it in sales that is applicable in journalism? A resume service can help you with this.

The benefits of resume writing services

So what are the benefits you can get from hiring a professional resume writer?

First, consider this: resume writers know what they are doing. After all, they do it professionally (resume writing and resume editing, if you do not know, are real professions, not something made up by some bored writer; there is actually a Professional Resume Writers Association). Do you write resumes often? This is important because this is what makes you different from the resume writers. As professionals, they know what they are doing. They know what to include and not to include in your resume.

Resume services also guarantee the use of “keywords.” These keywords are usually industry specific; they do not work for every profession. Of course, this is just a fancy way of saying resume writers can make your resume stand out by using keywords and phrases that apply to you and the industry you are planning to get a job in.

They also ensure that your resume will be error free. This service seems rather basic. However, this is something that very few people into job hunting actually consider. And remember that you only have a short period of time to impress your potential employer. If your resume has even the simplest mistakes, even if the mistake is a mere typographical (and therefore unconscious, unintended) error, it could turn you from potential employee to a worker no one would even consider hiring.

Of course, you also have to consider: resume writing services cannot do miracles. They cannot create job experiences for you, or credentials you do not have. What they can do, however, is help you work with what you already have. This is why resume service is somewhat of a resume editing service, more than a resume writing service.


However, you should remember that no resume service is perfect. While the service, per se, should work all of these benefits mentioned, the writers themselves are only human. They make mistakes. It’s your job to make sure that the mistakes can be ironed out. After all, resume service fees can be quite steep. You should get the most out of your money.

For one, you should look at the resume first before settling the service. Make sure there are no cliché works and phrases—or anything that seems like a cop out or template. Some resume writing services create resumes that look like they were done in bulk. A good resume is personalized according to your needs and your objectives. While the general format and template can be used, the content should be different and not at all generalized.

Try to find a writer that has experience in your field or the field you plan to work in when looking for a job. This way, he can work his internal knowledge on your resume. Resume service is not just about the writing; it’s also about what the writer knows.