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Most Common Myths about Car Rebates Joplin MO

Rebates for new cars and trucks are bigger than ever. So here are the five most common myths about automobile rebates are dispelled by consumer advocate Michael Royce.

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Most Common Myths about Car Rebates

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The 5 Most Common Myths About Rebates!

By Michael Royce
Consumer advocate, former car salesman

Rebates for new cars and trucks are bigger than ever. And unfortunately, so are the confusion and misconceptions about them. To make matters worse, it's common for some dealerships and car salesmen to purposely mislead you about how rebates work. Well, fear not. Let's dispel, once and for all, the five most common myths about factory-to-customer rebates:

Rebates are a bad deal because there is always a catch.

Not true. There is no catch to factory-to-consumer rebates. A rebate is simply free money given to you by the automobile manufacturer as an incentive to buy that particular car. There is no trick or trap. So take the money and smile.

Rebates are part of the dealership's discount.

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