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Finance Lebanon MO

Managing your finances can be difficult and confusing if you are not equipped with the right information and tools. Learn more about ways to control your finances, as well as plan ahead for budgets, loans, credit reports, and more.

Avoid Bankruptcy: You May Have to Pay the Debt Back Anyway Lebanon MO

Most people see bankruptcy as their very own eraser that allows them a ‘do-over' in their financial life. This free pass to credit relief is not as ‘free' as it might seem.

Avoiding Liens Through Bankruptcy Lebanon MO

There are many people who face liens on a regular basis. Here are some common questions and information about liens and how to avoid them if you can: There is a lien on my home, but I don't have the means for debt relief or settlement, so is there a way I can avoid paying the lien and be rid of it?

Certified Public Accountants/CPAs Lebanon MO

Certified Public Account (CPA) is the title given to accountant professionals who have passed the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination (CPA Exam). The CPA designation is granted by the state boards, and not by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). CPAs perform many varied services, including financial audits (assuring and attesting that businesses are following the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, or GAAP), tax preparation, forensic accounting, and consulting. See below to locate a Certified Public Accountant in Lebanon, MO.

How Credit Counseling Debt Relief Works Lebanon MO

For many people, the uncertainty that comes in seeking debt relief is more frightening than the actual process itself. Credit counseling is just one alternative that people have when it comes to paying bills or finding other means of managing their debt.

Medical Debt Relief Lebanon MO

There are studies that have shown that more than four of five medical bills have errors or overcharges, but most consumers aren't able to identify them or fight them because they don't know what they are looking for. In order to find the faults, consumers must be able to get itemized bills and medical history records.

Negotiating with Debt Collectors Lebanon MO

Debt collectors are trained to do whatever it takes to get payment. Don't let them take advantage of you by saying one thing and then doing another. Make sure that you get a letter stating what the arrangements are before you make a single payment.