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Dark Walls Work For Your Home Branson MO

Deciding to paint your walls with a bold color can be a bit daunting and leave you wondering if you’ll choose properly. Read on to know more.

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Dark Walls Work For Your Home

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Dark colors can make the house more personal and more enjoyable. Photo credit: _overanalyzer

For years homeowners have played it safe, painting their walls with only neutral tones. Perhaps it’s because realtors have insisted for the past few decades that it’s easier to sell a house when there are no discernable traces of personal taste that could dissuade any buyers from seeing the home’s potential for their own style .

The truth, however, is that while it may be easier to sell a neutrally hued house, it’s more enjoyable to live in a house that reflects your true panache.

Deciding to paint your walls with a bold color can be a bit daunting and leave you wondering if you’ll choose properly. Will the darker color go with your décor? Will it be overwhelming? Will it be something you’ll grow to love or regret?

The best aspect of interior painting is that it’s relatively cheap and easy. If you don’t love what you’ve done with the place one afternoon, you can change it the very next day. Don’t be afraid to pick something bold and personal; paint isn’t meant to be a permanent fixture.

One of the simplest ways to incorporate more color into your walls is to choose one wall in a room that can become an accent wall. You might also consider choosing one rich, dark color and a complementary neutral tone and give the room a two-tone look by painting the darker tone on the bottom half of the room and the softer color on the top, separated by a bright white or wooden chair ra...

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