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Car Accessories and Spare Parts Branson MO

When do you know when you’re over spending on car accessories? Below is a list of car accessories and modifications that car enthusiasts waste their money on.

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Car Accessories and Spare Parts

A car enthusiast and modder will surely overspend on car accessories at one time or another—whether it’s to have custom vinyl graphics on the car’s wind shield or to mod the car so it can have a bigger engine. Modifying the design of the car, in itself, is not bad. It’s also necessary to purchase car spare parts just in case one of them does break down. Every car, for example, should have its own spare tire stored in the trunk. But when do you know when you’re over spending on car accessories? Below is a list of car accessories and modifications that car enthusiasts waste their money on.

  1. In Car Entertainment or ICEs. A lot of modders spend too much money on stereo systems with impressive digital equalizers and automobile gaming systems. This is fine if you’re modifying the design of the car because you’re attempting to make road trips less boring for your passengers (your children, in particular). However, if you’re a bachelor and you usually use the car on your own, you have to think twice about this car accessory purchase. While stereo system with an impressive digital equalizer may seem prestigious and worth every cent you pay for it, think again. Do you actually need a visual equalizer? A simpler and cheaper model might be able to give you sound quality that’s just as good or even better.

  2. Bigger Engines. Just because your sedan has a bigger, noisier engine doesn’t mean that it’s automatically upgraded. You have to remember that for any modification to be successful, you have to keep in mind the total design of the car: exhaust, wheels, suspension, and other exterior and interior aspects. Some modders spend half a fortune purchasing bigger, noisier engines without really thinking about its compatibility with the rest of the car’s design. They even forget that testing out the engine’s maximum power is impossible in the city, which really defeats the purpose of purchasing a bigger engine.

  3. Lowering your car. Again, lowering the car is an attempt by most modders to simulate the “feel” or a race car. While it sure makes the car look like a race car, you have to think about the practicality of this design modification. Lowering your car also means risking the bottom of your car from scrapes. Lowered cars may be more maneuverable in the race tracks, but this feature is certainly a disadvantage for city driving.

  4. Dump Valves. Have you ever notices how some city cars sound like race cars although they have the usual sedan make, maybe just a little pimped up because the owner decided to cram the windshield with stickers? Our take on it? Pretentious, and possibly annoying. A lot of modders purchase unnecessary dump valves to make their cars sound like a race car. But without the speed and engine to back it up? It’s good for showing the car off to people who don’t bother looking under the hood, but you have to look at the other side too. It can spell trouble for you if you’ve crossed someone who’s just as egoistical about his/her car. You might be in for a challenge you’re not ready to face.

  5. Tinted windows. Unless you’re very famous, or you’re fearing for your life because you owe the mafia money, you don’t really need tinted windows, especially if you live in a country that’s not particularly sunny. Some stated even make dark tints illegal because they can cause accidents. Sometimes the tints are too dark that the driver misses seeing something on the road. If you’re thinking of getting a loan just to get your car tinted, stop and think it over. You could be spending hard earned money on something your car doesn’t need.

  6. Undercar Neons. A lot of modders attempt to update their car’s look by installing under car neons on their rides. While this isn’t harmful, it’s really a waste of money, especially since you won’t really get to see your car light up when you’re going through tunnels. The people in the car behind you might find it cool that you look like a space ship, but do you really think it’s necessary to spend hundreds of dollars just to impress other drivers?

  7. Spoilers. Have you seen cars on the road that look like they’re wearing huge pieces of plastic that closely resembles your bathtub where their bumper should be? Some people actually find this feature attractive. Car owners who put spoilers on their rides unwittingly spend money just to keep up with the trend. Performance-wise, though, spoilers do nothing to improve your car’s speed or maneuverability. If it does anything, it probably messes with your car’s aerodynamics, making the engine work harder because of the extra baggage.

  8. Custom Plates. So your school or company celebrates its 400th year of existence, and then what? You decide to blow $100 for a special, custom plate. Some modders even go so far as pay for the rights to wear their names on the car. Hey, it’s better than wearing a series of random numbers and letters that make your car look like a drone, right? Well, that really depends on you. This is not a particularly harmful modification, but it is expensive for its actual value. In reality, you’re wearing and paying for that custom plate to give money to another organization or school, or pay egoistical homage to your name. If you can afford to splurge money on that, go ahead, but it’s not exactly a necessity. Believe me, the prestige is bound to wear off, too, soon enough.

While it’s tempting to have these modifications done to your car, you always have to think of two things first before you go through the project: 1) will it bring harm and 2) does it break any law. Under car neons and custom plates, in particular, are illegal in many countries. You should consult the law first before modifying your car’s design.