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Breaking a Cellular Service Contract Branson MO

Why is getting out of a cellular service contract difficult? Simple: they are designed to keep you in the service. Read on for more information on how to break a cell phone contract if you need to and what it could cost you.

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Breaking a Cellular Service Contract

Imagine this scenario: you bought a cellular phone, thinking that it would be the hottest thing since the technology came out. However, a few months after your purchase, a new model comes out, making your once advanced phone into an obsolete piece of technology. Imagine this scenario: you signed by for a telecommunication service contract, a contract that binds you for two years. However, just a few months after your contract started, you lost your job due to the recession. Suddenly, you need financial assistance—there’s no way you can pay your monthly dues to the mobile service provider!

The instant solution you’d think of is this: getting out of the contract. After all, it’s the one that requires you to be in the service for a certain number of years. However, getting out of a cellular service contract is not easy. In fact, it’s not possible as is. The telecommunication service will require you to pay at least 150 dollars as a termination fee, if you want to get out of the contract. However, this is not practical. Why should you pay the company money for a service you wouldn’t even use?

Hence starts the process of trying to get out of the contract. Getting out of a cellular service contract is not the easiest thing to do. However, according to some sources, it is highly possible. How possible? First, it is imperative that you understand how the contract works in the first place.

The cellular service contract

Why is getting out of a cellular service contract difficult? Simple: they are designed to keep you in the service. This does not mean the contract is designed to cheat or dupe people. Remember: you can’t complain simply because you can’t get out of the contract. Many telecommunication service customers think that they can get out of the contract simply by complaining that the service is substandard or, worse, not what they expect. However, this technique of getting out of a cellular service contract will not work at all. This is because the contract does not stipulate that as a possible legal cause for breaking the contract. Contracts will depend on the telecommunication service provider, so they’re different depending on the company. But most of them only requires the company to the subscribers the telecommunication service and the cellular phone.

In other words, while you are required by the law to stick to their service, they are not required by the contract to provide superior service. In fact, many companies require interested parties to sign a clause or waiver, saying that they are aware the service may always be perfect (or similar). Therefore, you cannot use substandard service as a reason for getting out of a cellular service contract.

Is this practice unfair? While it may seem unfair to the eyes of people who need financial assistance, for instance, it’s not exactly unjust. The prolonged contract will require you to be a subscriber for at least as long as the contract is valid. But why is this required? Simple: they need to return the cost of the cellular phone they gave you in exchange for the contract. So in essence, through the telecommunication service contract, you are paying for the cellular phone you have in installment.

There is one legal way to break this contract—and this is by using the contract against them. As a subscriber to their service, you are probably aware that your company often changes their terms and plans. For instance, they probably change their text and call rates or their unpublished number fee. What many subscribers do not know is this: changes in the contract can be a basis for a getting out of a cellular service contract legally. The rationale here is this: since you were under contract during a specific period, it goes without saying that all the rates and conditions related to that contract should remain until the end of the contract. Otherwise, the company is the one violating their own contract.

As a subscriber, you can inform your telecommunication service company and inform them of these changes. You can either demand them to have your rates unchanged as these changes they implied were not stipulated under your contract or demand them to change your contract. Most likely, they will do neither. What they will do is simply break your contract. Note, however, that there may be some contracts that can cover these changes. Needless to say, you need to know your contract.

There have been rumors that companies break the contracts of people who call customer service too much. However, the rumor remains a rumor. Can it be true? Probably—but it’s one of the long shot techniques. Maximizing the bandwidth limitation of the telecommunication service is also a supposedly effective tactic. Yet, again, it’s also a long shot.

What about people who need financial assistance? Telecommunication companies are not likely to bend their contracts for the sake of the people who need financial assistance. What they can do, however, is adjust their contracts to make less expensive. They can probably switch these people to cheaper plans, but they wouldn’t break the contract. It is expected of you to know the contract well. If there’s a chance you wouldn’t be able to complete the contract for whatever reason, do not commit. You can’t expect the telecommunication service company to bend their rules to accommodate you.

So if getting out of a cellular service contract is impossible, is there any way one can get out of the responsibility entailed to it? One can consider transferring the contract to another person. It doesn’t matter whether you transfer it to someone you know or someone you found through websites especially in selling cellular contracts. Although it’s not necessarily a high risk move, it is not with risk, selling your contract to someone else via the internet. Some even say it’s not the most effective strategy; many experts say that this service is hardly used, so your chances of finding someone who will buy your contract isn’t quite big.