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Advice for Teenagers Buying a Car Springfield MO

Teenagers are often socked with high insurance rates, particularily on sporty cars. Best Advice: Check out the insurance rates for the car you want to buy before you buy it.

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Advice for Teenagers Buying a Car

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My teenage son is buying his first car. What advice can you give a teen buying a new car? What challenges or obstacles do they face?

There are three main challenges for teens when they buy a car:

First, teenagers can be a salesman's delight because they are first-time buyers - which means they are inexperienced at negotiating - which means they usually end up paying more for their new vehicle than most buyers. Best Advice: Take the time to do your research. If possible, get an experienced buyer to help you. And be sure to get a free price quote . That will give you a figure by which to judge other offers you may receive - and it may end up saving you the negotiating hassles altogether.

Second, financing can sometimes be a problem for teens since they usually have no or little credit history. Fortunately, many manufacturers offer "first-time buyers" and "recent grads" financing programs. Ask about these when you visit the dealerships. You can also try applying for financing online.

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